Spooky Crafty Half Term Ideas 👻

Half term is upon us again, a whole week with our little Bubbuh's running wild around us, and it's looking like it could be a wet one so lots of indoor activities are needed!!

So I thought I'd share some fab, easy Halloween Craft Ideas that can be done with bits you have around the house to keep costs down but entertainment level high - hopefully!! So you can actually finish a HOT drink, or do a bit of online Christmas shopping!! 😉

*Disclaimer - advise toddlers / children to be supervised whilst being creative, to avoid mass mess & any accidents if glue or scissors are required*

Let's get on with it:


These are great for little Halloween cards too!



Rather than carving, painting pumpkins is a lot less effort but just as effective, although a little messy little ones will love it!! Using the smaller, baby pumpkins all supermarkets do now, are a great way to create lots of different fun spooky characters!

I love the little friendly Frankenstein below!!


Could get inspired by Monster inc characters and create your own with paper plates, these really remind me of the film!!



These are just fabulous and super easy, every household throws these away all the time and there are so many crafty things you can do with them to entertain the kids! 

I recently did the Frankenstein with Luna, super easy just requires paint, sharpie & some googerly eyes!


Again, another super easy one to use up some empty jam jars you have laying around or about to throw out, some toiler tissue or tissue paper, googerly eyes and pop in a battery tea light or a candle tea light to finish off!



Hope this has helped spark some ideas of things to do during your half term with the kiddies!!

Embrace the mess & imperfections, just enjoy and have fun!!



🎃 👻